Alicia Timm is a Trustee candidate for the Ela Area Public Library Board who has a solid track record of service in Lake County. From serving the PTO at her children’s elementary school to serving on the Board of Directors of the area’s only conservation group, Alicia knows how to collaborate and get work done that benefits residents in the Ela area.

The Ela Library is the heart of the Ela community. If elected to serve as Trustee, Alicia will utilize tax dollars carefully and work to maintain EAPL’s 5-Star Library ranking. She will promote the library’s mission to “share the joy of discovery.” She will resist censorship and protect the freedom to access information for all members of the community. She will educate the community about library resources.

Our 5-STAR Library is an amazing resource for the communities within Ela Township and beyond.

Please VOTE on April 4, 2023 for Alicia Timm for Ela Area Public Library Trustee. It will be an honor and a privilege for Alicia to serve at the heart of the community.

Alicia appreciates your consideration!

Current Leadership Roles

Board of Directors and Volunteer Chair, Ancient Oaks Foundation
Chair of Habitat Corridors program and Committee Member of Community Education program, Citizens for Conservation


Alicia has been serving the community since she moved to Lake Zurich nearly 10 years ago. At Seth Paine Elementary School, Alicia spent time volunteering at PTO events and in the library. While raising her children, Alicia worked for many years at Trader Joe’s in Lake Zurich. The store serves as a community hub where regulars shop, and she got to know residents doing what she loved, which is serving the public.  She transitioned that love of customer service into volunteerism in the area.

Alicia serves on the Board of Directors of the Ancient Oaks Foundation. As the Volunteer Chair she helps lead restoration work days at Village of Lake Zurich natural areas. She also assists the group with strategic planning, fundraising efforts, event planning, and educational programs.

Alicia serves as Chair of the Habitat Corridors program for Citizens for Conservation (CFC) of Barrington. The program encourages homeowners to adopt eco-friendly landscaping practices and add native plants to their yards.

Alicia also serves on CFC’s Community Education committee which develops and delivers programs and materials that involve many aspects of aligning people with nature.

This year, Alicia will complete the Natural Areas Conservation Training program (N-ACT) through Morton Arboretum. N-ACT is an in-depth training and certification program in natural areas restoration.